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Palliative Care Hospitals

Most of the major medical centers that treat and diagnose mesothelioma have palliative care specialist on staff. The Palliative Care Provider Directory of Hospitals is a resource to help you or a loved one locate a hospital in your area that provides a palliative care program. The directory is based upon palliative care programs listed in the American Hospital Association (AHA) Annual Survey. Please indicate the area that you would like to obtain palliative care and we will send you the available information.

Palliative Care is Not Hospice

Palliative care is the medical specialty focused on preventing, treating and relieving the pain and other debilitating effects of serious illness. Palliative care is not limited to end of life care, and it is different from hospice care. The goal is to improve quality of life for patients and their families - whatever the prognosis. Palliative care is available along with curative treatments, even at early stages of a serious illness.

Of course, palliative care is also available to patients nearing the last months of life; for them, palliative care dovetails with hospice to provide necessary treatment and services. Palliative care is often accessed through hospice, and many families don't want to call hospice until they absolutely have to; it feels like an admission of defeat. We associate hospice with dying -- and we're not ready for our loved one with cancer to die.

Palliative care doesn't mean that death is imminent, nor does it mean that you're "giving up" in your fight against cancer. It just means your focus is on helping your loved one have as much time as possible, and have the best possible quality of life during that time remaining.

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